I grew up in England and with the support of my parents and was encouraged early on to get involved in sports of all kinds. My first sport was figure skating (yes, it is a sport), where I competed for several years before discovering that (field) hockey was much more my style, along with other very British sports such as Rounders, Netball, Cricket, Golf and Tennis. I played hockey avidly throughout school and university and culminated my hockey career playing for a club at the National League level. For a few years, working as an engineer for a small start-up technology company ruled my life and took me all over the world, most notably to California several times a year. California became my second home, and in 2008, my permanent home. I was a novice mountain biker at the time, having trudged through a couple of very muddy adventure races in the UK, but once in the San Francisco Bay Area I truly found my place on a bike. My boyfriend (now fiancé) took me to watch the 2008 XTERRA National Championships in Lake Tahoe, and the following year I was on the start line for my first XTERRA where I won my age group. I was hooked, and the following season, 2010, raced every XTERRA I could, qualifying for both the XTERRA National and World Championships. I’ve raced pretty full XTERRA seasons ever since and have also found a love for endurance mountain biking (I’ll be on the start line for the Leadville 100 this year) and trail running.

As well as having the competitive gene to want to race and continually challenge myself, I love the people who I have met, and continue to meet through racing – many of which are now my closest friends. I am continually encouraging most everyone I meet to take the next step in discovering the cycling, running or triathlon lifestyle for themselves, and hope I can inspire even one other person to discover what a great life this is to live. I am now lucky enough to live in the mountain town of Truckee, CA with my fiancé and our small pack of huskies.  This site hopefully allows my far flung family and friend to follow my journey as I discover the world of an endurance athlete.

Latest News is here.

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